Who is NYCreativejunky?

Welcome to my blog! Questioning the title are you? Well here are three random stories that made me decide on the title:

1) Big City- I live in NYC now for almost a year and a half and one day I was riding the subway home for work when a tourist turned to me and said "this is the biggest city ever, and I mean ever that I have been to" and she continued to talk to me about how lucky I was to live in a large, amazing city, with so much to offer!

2) Big Heart- Throughout college I spent many days at the Ronald McDonald House in Rhode Island. I would help clean the house, play with the kids, bake cookies, admin work, basically anything that needed to be done. I met a little girl one day who changed my outlook on life. She was 7 years old and had advanced stages of cancer and unfortunately my senio year she passed away. One day we were playing with Barbies she turned to me and with her big eyes said, Tracy you have a big heart just like my mommy, daddy, and Barbie. For a second I laughed on the inside in regards to the Barbie, but that has always stuck with me. I feel blessed to be able to give back and help the less fortunate, something my mother had instilled in my from a young age. I lost my mother to Breast Cancer on June 4, 2010 after a 17 year battle with the deadly disease. She is my hero, she gives me strength, she is my best friend, she is my everything and I miss her everyday, but I know she is proud of my sister and I and that she is constantly guiding me from above. RIP MOM.

3) Big Ideas- My Freshman year of college two friends and I said lets go to Thayer Street ( 10 min from our dorm). Then I said "no lets go to Boston, it would be a great road trip"( 1 hour away). Well road trip we took however we got in the car and just drove home to NYC(4 hours with no traffic). Sure we were crazy but it was that day that I knew I had crazy big ideas deep down in my brain, I just need to let them out, to explore. I have been bad with this; however I hope this blog will help me to develop these great ideas I believe are floating around.

So that describes the title of this blog in a nutshell; however there is so much more about me to come!

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