Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dress Shopping & Restaurant Review #1

That is the search for a dress. A dear friend of mine will be getting married next month and the reception is Sunday Twilight and Black Tie.

The first question to pop into my mind was: Short(cocktail) or Long (gown)? The next question was could I wear it again to another wedding I have in June? I debated and decided to look at both styles. Being 5'1 I knew any gown I tried on would have to be shortened which I was fine with as long as I love the gown and new I could wear it to both occasions. Dress after dress I was feeling more and more discouraged with my how I looked, my weight, and just about anything the sales women said to try and make it better. After hitting most of the department stores, I realized I may have to try a specialty store, which made me more discouraged. It was at that moment I knew I had to make changes in my life and stick with them.

After dragging my friend all over the city we decided to call it a night head to Vero for dinner and re-evaluate. She is someone who will be honest with my and tell me like it is. As we waited by the bar for a table I knew that if I wanted to change I would have to make changes, sacrifices, and improvements.

Neither of us had ever been here before but we both passed it frequently as she lives close by and I pass it everyday on my commute to work.

We started off with the Lobster Club roll which was out of the world.

A glass of wine later our main courses arrived.

She ordered Truffled Mac & Cheese:
It was heaven on a plate and for those who love cheese this plate is for you. Made with black truffles, prosciutto, asiago, farmstead cheddar and grana who could resist.

I to had a craving for pasta knowing that at the end of this weekend I would be lowering my intake of carbs. Being that I love mushrooms and had a craving for pasta this dish seemed to have the best of both worlds and was recommended by our lovely waitress. Penne with Braised Mushrooms.

If you could imagine it was so good that I would be unable to finish such a delectable meal. I made sure to savour all the mushrooms only leaving a few pieces of penne over.

Overall the meal and the company were exactly what was needed after a disaster day of dress shopping.

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