Friday, July 29, 2011

58 Blocks & 11 Avenues

It took me 58 Blocks & 11 Avenues to come up with the title of my brand new blog which will be updated daily with my Big City, Big Heart & Big Idea story of the day.

Here is my Big Heart Story of the Day:
    As I rode theM34 Crosstown bus to work today(which was already packed) an elderly man jumped on at 34th and Lexington only to realize his metro card expired and he only had cash on him and no change(buses in NYC only take change). With a crowded bus one would think someone will offer to help the gentlemen; however that wasn't the case as every passenger was to self occupied with their phone, newspaper, ipad, etc...anyway I move to the front and pay with my monthly unlimited metro card. The gentlemen thanks me and offers me the two dollars in cash which I didn't accept as you could tell he was going to use that $2 for coffee. As we approach my stop 34th and 9th both him and I exit the bus and low and behold he walks up to the street vendor to purchase a cup a coffee with the same $2 he offered me earlier. That my friends is an act of kindness; something I do as often as I can.

Wishing you all a Happy Weekend!!!

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