Sunday, July 31, 2011

Big Weekend Recap

My Big Weekend:

It wouldn't be an awesome summer weekend if I wasn't outside for 85% of it. Leaving work at 2pm on Friday it was perfect weather to walk home (58 blocks & 11 avenues). I knew the minute I was home the GRE book would be on my kitchen table greeting me with 2 practice tests. I wouldn't say that was a fun Friday night, however it was a successful Friday night. After the tests I started this blog, which I am really excited about.

Saturday I was off to the Yankee game with Kristen & Matt!!!

Even with the crazy heat and the massive sunburn(on my back) they won 8-3 and I was very happy fan!! Thank you Kristen for taking me and putting up with all the Screaming I did!!!!

Saturday night was originally dedicated to studying however I took a trip to Astoria, Queens with Helena to see Alexa & friends for both Fernando's Birthday & Alexa takes the bar!! The trip out to Queens was quick and with very few bumps in the road we were the first to arrive.

The party moved from Fernando's house to the Beer Garden at Studio Square (highly recommended). We ordered a pitcher of Sangria(amazing). Here are some pictures of our awesome night out with friends.


biggest pretzel ever

my new friend Dan

Dan, Alexa, Me

Outdoor Seating

Overall this was a great weekend! How was your weekend?

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