Friday, August 19, 2011

Do Something!!

Big Heart Stories:

Tonight as I packed for my extended weekend getaway to Bethany Beach, DE with the family I tuned into VH1 to watch and of course DVR the 2011 Do Something awards, a different type of an award show. This year host Jane Lynch, from the hit TV show Glee was a stand out host, making everyone laugh and smile while rewarding young adults for there outstanding service to the US.

Listed below were the five nominees all under the age of 25( can't believe I will be 25 in less than a year, already feel like I am living through a quarter life crisis).

David Schwartz from Providence, Rhode Island of The Real Food Challenge
*Sarah Cronk from Bettendorf, Iowa of the Sparkle Effect
Adam Lowy from Neptune, New Jersey of Move for Hunger
Mark Kabban from San Diego, California of Youth Leaders Living Actively (YALLA)
* means winner

Each of the 5 individuals deserved the standing ovation they received at the award show tonight, however since there could only be one winner, I congratulate Sarah Cronk, from the Sparkle Effect as she was the winner of the 100K prize. Check out her organization here. During the summer of my last two years of college I worked in my local township riding the school bus with children with disabilities and saw first hand how hard school was for them, so for Sarah to win I believe this will be a huge change!!!

So every one get out there and do something, be the change you want to see in this world. One person can make a difference. I plan to volunteer more and do my part because I am privileged to live the life I live and there are people out there who can benefit!!


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