Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake, What Earthquake?

Big Family Vacation:
Welcome back to reality, ugh really. Every vacation must come to an end and after driving home late last night to NJ and traveling into work today I am back in my apartment in NYC. Back in time to prepare for Hurricane Irene, the GRE's which I take Saturday & busy season at work. Where was I when the 5.8 earthquake hit Mineral, VA you ask I was swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, to be exact Bethany Beach, DE where I was on vacation with my family. Yes they are still down there, however Hurricane Irene decided they didn't deserve a week of sun,beach & fun and they will be heading back over the next two days. Big waves were a shock but the first call to see if we were OK was even more of a shock since we didn't know that it was actually an earthquake and not just huge waves.

Anyway back to my 4 day vacation on Bethany Beach, DE:

Sat-Tues day: Beach All Day; Family All Night

Emma(sister) & Mark (Sister's B)

Quahog & Scallop Chowdah

Middle Neck Clams

Shanty Lobster and Avocado
(1/2 Chilled Lobster, Fresh Guacamole, Creamy Lemon Zest Dressing on a Bed of Greens)

Emma(Sister) & Me

Dad & His Two Girls
(we miss and love you mom)

Dad & Cousin Mark Aiden
Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk

Small, Medium, Large Mark's
(Baby Cousin, Sister's BF, Cousin)

Boardwalk- No surprise there

Cherish every moment with family as they are here to stay!! My family are my biggest supporters, best friends, and people I count on everyday!!

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