Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chanukah 2011

We had a fabulous Chanukah this year hosted by my cousin! Each year she decorates the house for both Chanukah & Christmas and it always looks like pictures out of magazines. She has amazing taste and always out does the year the before. This year was nothing shy of amazing. I will try and post pictures at a later date. 

The one picture of the night that I must post is the one below with my sister and Markie ( the cutest cousin ever)! On Thanksgiving we gave him a Toy's R Us catalog and asked him what he wanted for Chanukah. My sister and I would purchase him a big gift this year! He opened and immediately pointed to the Home Depot Work Bench saying "this pweese" all night long. We knew this would be his gift and off my sister went on a mission to purchase the big present. This past Friday night we gave it to him and he couldn't be more happy! The smile on his face tells it all and he is very excited to use it in the upcoming year with his dad, who I might add is the handiest person I know. (Sorry dad, Mark wins by a landslide)

Hope everyone had a Happy Chanukah & Merry Christmas!

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