Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Moving Day

Recently I spoke about how I usually let my nerves get the best of me, stressing me out to the fullest. Well today started off no different; however ended on a positive note.

Back from vacation, I headed into my office for a few hours to knock out some important emails, guidelines, and other projects that needed to be tended to rather quickly. My team was at an event, which left me with a quiet office just what I needed to get everything done, so I could leave at 3 to come home and finish packing up my childhood home (Moving Truck will be here at 8:30am tomorrow). Well I knocked out the small tasks, however the larger tasks and in planning for a 1200 person show next week needed the attention of both myself and my manager, who happened to be on-site at the other show. Nerves and Panic start to set in, when one of my close co-workers and I had a small chat about letting go and doing what we can (thanks Z!). I reached out to my manager who came back to the office so we could sort everything else out, as I would be out of the office tomorrow and we had a team meeting on Friday. Everything worked out in the end and I was out the door at 3pm with my father, heading to Port Authority to catch the next bus to Jersey.

We arrived home sometime after 4 to see boxes and garbage bags everywhere, thanks to my sister and her friend! They did a wonderful job making the rest of the afternoon really a piece of cake, even though I had visions of chaos. We cleaned the garage, bedrooms, kitchen, and basement throwing out over 30 bags of garbage and donating over 50 bags to Jewish Family Services(mom always mentioned importance of giving back). It was our way of saying goodbye and that we love and miss you. Dinner was Chipotle thanks to my sisters BF!! We then finished the rest of the house and now wait for the movers to come in the am pack the house and move it!

This move brings mixed emotions. For starter; I believe my "childhood" home was our first townhouse in Millponds, where I played with friends in the development, attending elementary school, and built many snowmen. 15 years ago when we moved to this house, I was starting 6th grade, and had already made most of my friends, which changed throughout the following years in Middle and High School. But this house is where I hold recent memories of my mom (who I miss every day). I remember one time I told her a "little white lie" and she freaked out, ripped the TV out of my wall in my bedroom and I never saw another TV in my room until I moved into college. But I also remember the good times, growing a garden, spending the holidays here, and just becoming an adult in this house. I believe I was lucky enough to have 2 childhood homes and I will miss this one, but the memories will always be with me and we are now starting a new chapter. This new chapter comes weeks before my 25th birthday and I couldn't be more excited to see what is in store! I may not be moving into the new condo, but it will be the new "home" I go to on long weekends, holidays, and when I want to escape city living. I am happy for my dad and am sure this new home will bring us just as great memories as the last two!

Here is to a new beginning, starting tomorrow!

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