Saturday, April 7, 2012


Waking up this morning to a phone call from my sister, Iced Mocha Latte, Skim Milk, No whip was the best way to wake up to 25. I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday this year with my family, even if I did have to share it with the 2nd night of Passover Seder.

Some highlights from the evening:

Spending quality time with this cutie

Keeping with the birthday tradition and having a Carvel Ice Cream Cake with the crunchies(my favorite part)

I am grateful for:

1- Having a father who loves and supports me 100% no questions asked
2- Having a sister, best friend, and partner in crime
3- My mom's mom is still alive and loves sharing stories, bragging about me and my sister, and just being there for when I need a shoulder to cry on.
4- 2 amazing aunts
5- My cousin who has the cutest children ever (always bringing a smile to my face) and shopping partner
6- My childhood friends; Kristen, Megan, Leanna, Helena, Kat- standing by me in the good and the bad, always there when I need them!
7- 2nd mom, Lori who was my mom's best friend.
8- My job- Challenges me everyday which expands my knowledge and lets me live in the most amazing city in the world, NYC.
9- Apartment on the Upper East Side which unfortunately I will be leaving come August. The last two years have been a great experience!
10- My health, minus a few minor things here and there I am pretty healthy and hope to stay that with with the proper lifestyle.