Monday, April 9, 2012

Ouch, that hurts

My motto these past few days.

With my company being closed this week I took the opportunity and made as many doctor appointments as I could possibly squeeze in, no worries, just your normal check-ups or so I thought.

Saturday it was off to the podiatrist who managed to talk me into a mini permanent procedure for my ever so continuing "ingrown toenails". Holy hell 16 shots later, a numb toe, sheer scissors I was finally able to go, only to have throbbing pain the entire weekend ( not cool when done on 25th birthday, but had to be done). The constant screams and vulgarity were heard in the waiting room; however my aunt said I didn't scare anyone off, A+ for that! Let's hope that I don't fall into the 20% category of unsuccessful procedures.

Today it was off to the Dentist for my annual cleaning and with that comes X-rays and my intolerable gag reflexes that get me every time. I feel bad for the dental hygienist, but she took the job knowing that some people have better reflexes than others.

Finally my last stop was the ultimate female only doctor I will spare the details and say I only screamed and flinched once. To me that is a miracle.

Tomorrow I head back to the city for my Stay cation and I couldn't be more excited to see the following:

~ Central Park Zoo
~ MoMa
~ South Street Seaport
~ Museums
~ And of course some post Birthday shopping will happen as well!

Hope everyone had a Happy Passover & Easter!

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