Thursday, August 25, 2011


Big City Storm:

Rumor has it we are in for a big bad hurricane **Irene this weekend.

Twitter & Facebook statuses constantly being updated by friends/family/acquaintances along the Eastern seaboard. New Yorkers scurrying through the streets preparing for what is being said to be the worst storm in the past 50 years. New York City residents have been slowly starting to prepare, not wanting to panic,and not wanting to get caught in the supermarket stampede(saw one today btwn 2 elderly ladies over last carton of Skim Milk). In preparing for such a natural event there is a long list of items that need to be tended to.

What are you doing to prepare? What category do you think it will be by the time it hits NYC? Are you being evacuated?

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  1. As a girl born and raised in many a hurricane in Florida, I was mighty disappointed with that itty bitty storm NYC.