Sunday, August 14, 2011


Have you ever took time to prioritize your schedule; whether it be for work, or school, or taking care of your family?

What I week I had with some Big Changes, I firmly believe that changes are good and bring new opportunities one wouldn't have seen before if we were following the same routine.

Even though I only worked 4 days this week, my company was closed Tuesday for a holiday( Tish A Bv). On Monday an hour before closing I found out who my new manager would be starting tomorrow. With no time to communicate we left that for Wednesday. Being off Tuesday threw my off and my Wednesday was just a constant run around, all while transitioning through managers and that continued Thursday & Friday. Tomorrow we start fresh and I am ready to see where it will take us!

Tuesday my father and I spent most of the day together which is rare as we both are on different schedules, so I knew I wanted to cherish every minute spent. Family is extremely important to me, so any time we get to spend together whether with my aunts, or cousins I jump at the opportunity. First thing was first, we started to clean out our house, as my dad will be the only one living in it come the end of August, as my sister is off to Rutgers( living on campus).

Second stop was to drop of Pop Tabs at our local Ronald McDonald House in Long Branch, New Jersey. We started early on when my mom was introduced to the program. She collected from individuals, schools, and even our sleep away camp. It is the easiest way to give back, just save your tabs off soda cans, beer cans, tuna fish cans, etc save them and drop them at a local Ronald McDonald House.

Next stop was Second Life Bikes a place where I can bet we will find my dad one day volunteering his time. If you ever find yourself in Asbury Park, NJ you should drop by. We dropped off a brand new, great condition bike, a rare thing to find at the organization as they refurbish bikes; ones found at the bottom of lakes, on the side of the road, or even in back of dumpster truck. Here is what I saw when I walked in:

Our last stop of the day was Chipotle for lunch. We ordered it to go, bringing home my sister a burrito as well.

Spending the day with my dad was exactly what I needed and I am really glad we were able to. Wednesday we were back at work and I knew the next two and a half days would be a whirlwind, but a good whirlwind.

As for the weekend it was amazing, but will be another post! So Stay Tuned!!

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