Sunday, August 7, 2011

Words that I Live By

Think Positively: For me it's all about remaining positive in every situation we face, as the results will pay off.

Network: You are your own brand; You never know who is sitting next to you on the bus or subway, I made friends with the Starbucks Barrista, the UPS lady, etc..

Exercise Daily: For me it will be sticking to a schedule, writing down the workouts and the times, and then following up the next week. I need to start holding myself accountable. (this is starting now)

Eat Healthy: My biggest fault is not eating healthy( thanks to my dad I will be starting a food journal). He has always been an inspiration to remain healthy.

Work Hard: It's simple- work hard and you are appreciated. In the long run all my hard work will pay off when I purchase my first home, my first car, my first etc....

Stay Strong: This one is hard for me right now as last year I lost my best friend, my mom to breast cancer after her 17 year battle; however she was my strength and I owe it to her to continue remaining strong because that is who she is!!

Build Faith: personal choice

Worry Less: thanks to my good friend Leanna the best way for me to worry less is to say the following,"So What, Who Cares"

Read More: I enhance my vocabulary & knowledge with every book I read. Currently reading "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin.

Be Happy: to me being sad is to much work, be happy as long as you do what you want and not what others want for you.

Volunteer: My biggest passion is giving back and volunteering my time for those who are in need; I can be found at the homeless shelter, the food bank, community events, etc.

Relax: to me that means sitting on the beach with an good book, an ice coffee, and the sound of the waves crashing.

Love: When you love yourself first and foremost the rest will fall into place and I strongly believe that.

Live: Buckets lists, life lists, make lists of things you want to fulfill and then you will have lived the most out of your life. (Currently in the process of making lists)

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  1. Oh I love this! This is definitely something that everyone should live by. :)