Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Random Question of the Week?

What is 1 thing, of a non-material nature, that you wish you had right now?
1~ The ability to NEVER second-guess my actions
Sure my mother always said, "Never say Never"; however I feel that here it is practical to the question being asked. You see lately I have been constantly second guessing my self on every event I work on, every sponsorship agreement I sign, every post I post on my company's Facebook & Twitter, etc..
Not only am I second guessing my actions at work, but in my personal life as well. Do I stay or Do I go (NYC or West Coast) If accepted to Grad School am I ready for the next three years to be a student all over again? Do I paint my apartment, knowing I will have to paint it back when the lease is over? Should I make amends with "so called friends"?
Sure every question has an answer and maybe even it is common sense but I am always one to second guess everything.
This is something that I plan to work on, to do better for myself. I want to be able to enjoy life without worrying that I made "the wrong decision".

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  1. Hi Tracy, nice post! Like you, I also have second thoughts on every decisions I made. Enjoy life Tracy!