Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Things I'm Thankful For this Thanksgiving:
  • Family- we are extremely close and when we are all together it's like on big party, lots of food cooked by my aunt & tons of wine consumed.
  • Friends- I have 5 close friends; some from childhood, some from college, and some from sleep away camp. They are my right and left hands and any time we spend together is always fun.
  • A roof over my head- Sure I live in Manhattan and work there; it can sometimes seem like alot, but with support from my family I am thankful to live in a city millions call "the city that never sleeps"
  • My Health- At the moment I am very healthy, minus a few stomach problems that will hopefully be figured out within the next month. I am even thankful that I will be running the Las Vegas Half Marathon next December(a year away, I know) with my dad!

Thinking about: In just  a few short hours my family will be all together to celebrate Thanksgiving- plenty of food will be inhaled, we will consume large amounts of wine & beer, and we will tell stories of family vacations we have been on together!!

Anticipating: A glass of wine and my aunts amazing Mac N Cheese

Listening to: The “Band Perry” station on Pandora (which is awesome)

Drinking: Dunkin Donuts Iced French Vanilla Coffee w/ milk +1 Splenda

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

What are you thankful for?

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