Sunday, January 8, 2012

32 Hours Later

32 hours later I was on my way home from Boston, from visiting my college roommate and my friends from Birthright. As I headed to Boston on Friday I was in full wedding planning mode as my college roommate will be getting married this October! Her story is super romantic that I hope she will allow me to maybe share it with my readers one day. Friday night was a laid back evening, talking about the plans, visiting the venue as I chose it online and she happened to visit and love it!! Then it was off to Natick Mall to walk around, reminisce and just have best friend time!

Saturday was jam packed with Mani/Pedis, picking up another bridesmaid, and Dress Shopping! Parker, her MOH Kate, Heather, myself, her mom, aunt and cousin headed to David's Bridal for Dress shopping! She had already chosen her dress and it had arrived early so we got a preview and let me tell you, I chocked up. I can't believe soon enough after graduating law school, passing the bar, and getting a job she will finally marry her soul mate! After many dresses we finally decided on the dress the bridesmaids and MOH will wear! Colors are going to be a surprise, so you will have to wait until October for pictures. We had a great evening full of giggles. Then it was off to visit Ali who I met on Birthright. It just so happened that it was our 2 year anniversary from the trip, which made seeing her even more special. Unfortunately her bf who she met on the trip(how cute) was out with friends so I didn't get to see him this trip. It was a quick trip as I drove home Saturday night arriving back in Jersey at 3am this morning(yes I am tired) for personal reasons. We talked about the trip, about future plans, and everything in between. I wish we got to see more of each other, however our trip members are all spread out. She fed me trail mix, coke and a banana and soon it was time to hit the road. I made it home in 4 hours as there was not a car on the highway with me. Sure you had some trucks here and there but for the most part I blasted the music, sang out loud, and drank Coke.

It was a short trip, but exactly what I needed to be with friends that I will cherish forever and that will always be there for me and vice verse!

 Next trip is Vegas for work and I get to see another friend from college, Eric!! Counting down the days until we are reunited!!

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