Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's no wonder why...

That America is suffering with higher than normal rates of obesity.

As I got up and prepared for a run, the first time in over a week and a half, I thought to myself, hey if you don't want to be another statistic then you better start eating healthier and sticking to a fitness regimen. My first mile flew and the 2nd was a little harder. It was extremely cold and windy, however I didn't give up. My goal is to run the Las Vegas Half Marathon in December and I plan to be well trained by then, hoping to have at least 3 5K's under my belt by then.

I love when I escape the city for the burbs and enjoy a weekend at home with the family, but it still hurts to know my mom is not here to witness any of this. Today as I headed to visit her I saw this, which was another reason behind this post:

My initial reaction was "are you kidding me, this is a reason for our extremely high obesity rates". How is it acceptable to have a White Castle and  New York Sports Club in the same center, only 300 feet door to door? Is this a good example for those who are already struggling with weight issues? As I drove by I became more and more irritated, however I realized I don't have to succumb to that. First I would never step foot in a White Castle EVER. 2nd I know that I would have the will power to go to the gym and then get in my car and go home; to a healthy choice of options.

It's pictures like this that decieve people. With that said I leave you with a final thought, BE STRONG!

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