Friday, January 27, 2012

We Have A Winner!

Yesterday my father mentioned going to visit my uncle in Northern Virginia as he was there post surgery. He decided we would leave early this morning stay a few hours and head home as we both have prior commitments for the weekend. I was excited to see my uncle as I missed the last trip down there. I brought my camera to show pictures of the newest addition to our family, Blake Anthony Smith (cousin). 

As we drove I talked about my discouragement in finding a dress for a few functions I have coming up over the next few months. I spent all last weekend looking and was very unsuccessful. As we got closer to my family I realized there was a Nordstrom right there in Tyson's Corner. Now to only get my dad on board to stop I knew I had another thing coming; however he agreed without an argument (still a little shocked). 

We spent about two hours visiting with my aunt and uncle, sharing pictures, talking about recovery, and just having a nice lunch with them. He looked great and is getting stronger everyday. I love them to death and are very lucky to have them in my life!

Next stop was the mall and I was determined to find a dress. As for which department store to hit first, we decided to start at Nordstrom. After a few failed attempts this dress happened to make it into the fitting room. The moment I stepped in I knew it was the right dress for me. You may have heard the brand; Twobirds. The unique aspect of this dress is that it can be worn over 15 + ways, which makes it a great dress to have when attending multiple functions. We experimented with a few ways, and no I won't tell you what the color is, which way I am wearing it to the first wedding, or the length, You will have to wait to see pictures in a later post. I am super excited about this dress and can't wait to see myself in pictures!

Which would be your favorite color?


  1. Wow, that is such a nice and versatile dress! I own this dress which can also be worn in many ways!!

    But I think yours is prettier! xD

    Yishi x

  2. I was going to tell u about two birds. Aren't their dresses amazing!!! I'm getting one to wear to a friend wedding in may mine is 2 toned... Hot pink and navy! You go girl!!!!

  3. Yishi- Thank you!

    Blair- Amazing. I am so happy I found one I liked! As for what color you will have to wait!! Hope all is well.