Friday, March 9, 2012

Lesson FINALLY Learned

These three words have been told to me time and time again, from my dad, from my mom, friends, and tonight again by my sister; however I was never one to listen and just never wanted to admit that I loved the food so much. What three words you ask? "Avoid Cream Sauce". Tonight was no different as we headed to the Beverly Hill Cafe for dinner with Grandma and her friends. 

Seeing so many options on the menu some being healthy while others not so much my eye was drawn to the California Shrimp Pasta: Avocados, Tomatoes, Fresh Basil, Shrimp, and penne pasta in a light cream sauce. With Avocado & Shrimp being two my most favorite foods, how could I go wrong- THE SAUCE. 

I have always had a weak stomach; however I have ignored it to many times to count. There is no one to blame for my stomach problems except myself. I need to make better choices, take care of myself, eat and live a healthy life style. Time and time again I have had major stomach attacks from the cream sauces, fried foods, and dairy. Sure I have been tested for Lactose Intolerance, Crohn's, IBD, and many other stomach issues. Doctors have told me I just have a weak stomach and to avoid what bothers it. Lately though everything from a Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich to Pretzels have been upsetting my stomach. 

It wasn't until tonight in the car home that my sister said, " I am not saying this for my health, I don't want to see you in pain." It was that in which I decided I make the choices and I NEED to start making better ones, because the only person I am hurting is myself. She is not saying this to make fun, she is saying this because she cares about me. When we got home, we had a more serious talk, one of which we haven't had in a long time. She really is my best friend and I am grateful that she cares enough to call me out on the bad choices I am making. 

With that said, it is NOW time to start making wiser decisions when going to a restaurant, learning to cook more than just tortellini(another favorite food), seriously sticking to a workout schedule, bringing my lunch to work with me and just living a healthier life style overall. 

What are some of your favorite easy healthy recipes to make? Where do you find them?

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  1.!!!! Amazing...and if ou join weight watchers, skinny taste has point value! AWESOME RECIPESE TOO and you don't have to give up what you love! *Great posts Trace, love you!